Sync / serve webdav for two cloud accounts

What is the problem you are having with rclone?

I have at the moment not directly a problem, but need help how to implement my idea.

I have a Synology DS215J. I managed to install rClone and to start a webdav server. Also I managed to connect my pcloud account and I set a task, so that the webdav server is started at bootup.

But I want to sync two different cloud-accounts with the NAS.
Is it possible to create two webdav server or is there another idea how to do this?
(At the moment the 2nd account does not exist, so I want to know before which possibilities I have.

A direct connection between pCloud and Cloud Sync via webdav is not working fine. Remote changes are recognized after a lot of hours. No idea why. With rclone it is very fast (at the moment the standard 5 minutes)

What is your rclone version (output from rclone version)


Which cloud storage system are you using? (eg Google Drive)


The command you were trying to run (eg rclone copy /tmp remote:tmp)

At the moment the task planer is running as root:
rclone serve webdav pcloud: --addr :5005 --user "xxx" --pass "xxx" --config "path" --cache-dir "path" --vfs-cache-mode writes

The rclone config contents with secrets removed.

type = pcloud
hostname =
token = .... (removed)

A log from the command with the -vv flag

not relevant


The log has your answer in it as it's very relevant.

How shall the log from rClone give me an answer how to manage two cloud accounts?

I have issues with Synology Cloud Sync and webdav with pCloud. No issue with rClone. Perhaps this was missleading. I updated my post. :slight_smile:

You make two remotes.

rclone sync remotea: remoteb:

But the Sync command works only in one direction. I need a two-way sync.

That is why I used "serve webdav". So rclone is only "man-in-the-middle" and cloudsync is doing everything else.
Hereby the question is how to manage two accounts. Are two webdav server possible or is it possible to use two rcloud configs for the webdav server?

Or a complete different option? With bi-directional Sync.

So I want to use the cloud accounts separately.
I sync my files with some folders on the NAS.
My wife sync her files with some other folders on the NAS.
So it is not necessary to sync between both remotes.

Rclone does not have a two way sync. There is a feature request out there for it but it does not exist.

ok, so the only way seems to be the webdav-version. With one account it works fine.

So the only question is how to use two accounts. If possible.

You'd create another remote with the other account.

You have to use two remotes.

You mean I have to set up a task on bootup for every user with rclone and webdav, but with different rclone-config?
Is the webdav server then only running each for the corresponding user?

At least it was possible to run my script above with owner "myself" instead of root. But in the log file is mentioned root:
2021/12/03 22:27:27 NOTICE: pcloud root '': WebDav Server started on http://[::]:5005/

Perhaps I simply have to try it if one webdav server is overwriting the other one.

I'm not quite sure your flow as I tried to read through it a few times.

To sync two remotes, you don't need to serve anything.

You can make 2 WebDav remotes and just run rclone sync remotea: remoteb:

That's independent of rclone serve.

If you want to share out 2 WebDav remotes from whatever you want, you would have to run 2 serve commands or potentially, you could make a union remote of the two and just serve them like that.

To sync between remotes, that's one question.

To serve two remotes, that's a different item.

Hope that helps.

I do not want to sync the remotes.

I want to sync files from my plcoud account with some folders on the NAS.
My wife sync files from her plcoud acount with some other folders on the NAS.

So both syncs are completely indepented from each other. So I have to create two serves or use the union, if it works. Thank you.

The term 'remote' in rclone is just another way to say a source or destination. Every command has a local path or remote to it. A remote can be local disk. A remote can be a cloud provider.

ok. I can report now that it works to use rclone serve webdav twice. I choosed another port for the second one and it works.

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