Sync Remote PC on Local Network with Laptop External Drive

I need help on:

Windows 7 Pro x64

I want to: rclone sync my Remote (plex media server) on same internal network with my laptop External Drive.

Say my Laptop is Device A and my Plex Media Server is Device B
Device A, the external drive is k:\ and Device B, the drive is p:\

I am a noob at this and have access to all the files. I can get rclone to list the remote pc files but cannot seem to get it to sync the two drives together. Basically I want to sync to my external hard drive on my laptop.

Next would be to sync with GSuite, but that can be later topic - prob in the forums already - I will research for sure.

Thank y’all ahead of time.


You should just be able to do something like this

rclone sync p:\ k:\plexbackup

Try it with --dry-run first so it shows you want it would do.

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Thanks, I got the sync working using the following:

rclone sync “K:\Movies” “\\PlexMediaSERVER\Movies” --ignore-existing

had to use the ip address and then the shared folder name, finally achieved :slight_smile:

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