Sync Photos to Google Photos folder in Google Drive

I have enabled the following settings in Google:
In Drive Settings, General - option for ‘Automatically put your Google Photos into a folder in My Drive’
In Photos Settings - option for 'High quality (free unlimited storage)

I am successfully cloning from my computer to the Google Photos folder in Google Drive, but the clone is uploading the full size image I have on my computer. I only want to sync the Google size that allows for free storage.

How can I, or why isn’t the, rclone of my photos using the free size?


I think you misunderstood the setting.

The “free” option only works if you upload using Google’s official Google Photos apps (for iOS, Android, Mac & Windows) or via the Google Photos website.

If you copy files directly into the folder as you’re doing you will always be using your space and not the “free” space offered by google.

Thank you. That’s what I didn’t know and so will not use rclone to back up to gphotos.