Google Drive unlimited storage video and photos

Hi there. I currently use the google drive client in windows to upload backups of my photos and videos. In the google drive windows app I have selected unlimited storage for the photos and videos. Google allows unlimited as long as you are ok with photos being 16MP and video being 1080p maximum. I want to use one of my old mini PC computers to take over just the google drive part of my operation and wish to use Ubuntu instead of Windows, which brings me to the rclone forums. Is there an option to use this and still have the unlimited storage or photos and videos or do I need to keep using the windows google drive client program? Thank you.

Doesn’t seem that’s an option.

As far as I know there isn’t a public API which lets you upload unlimited photos :frowning:

If anyone can find one, then do tell!

I’m afraid you’ll have to carry on using the google drive windows app for that.

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Yes this is one of the reason why I need to keep my copy of windows and Google drive file stream. Google drive file stream upload unlimited Google photos and can delete shared folder and file owned by other Google user but rclone can’t do it. Other app that utilize gdrive v3 api also can’t do it for example many of the Android apps, so it’s not a bug in rclone, i guess, but the limitation of public api.

You sure you meant Drive File Stream not Backup and Sync? AFAIK, only Backup and Sync uploads to Google Photos, not Drive File Stream.

Also see the most recent comments, probably since that one: