Sync (Path settings)

Hi all, I'm new to using Rclone, I don't know how to set the path correctly.

My Computer: C:\Users\Ellie\Desktop\ABC
Google Drive Folder: root
Google Drive Folder (ID):

How do I set the correct path?
rclone sync source:path dest:path [flags]

Did you set up your google drive remote as here: ?

Assuming you've done that and called your remote gdrive then you would do

rclone sync -v C:\Users\Ellie\Desktop\ABC gdrive:ABC

Which will sync the local ABC directory to a directory of the same name in drive.


rclone sync -v C:\Users\Ellie\Desktop\ABC gdrive:ABC

does not work for me,,

rclone sync C:\Users\Ellie\Desktop\ABC\ root:/

but I found that this syntax works.

PS: is it possible to use "rclone sync" to automatically detect changes to a files in a folder and perform automatic file synchronization?

Great, glad you got it working.

Not currently... What most people do is run rclone on a schedule to do the sync regularly.

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