Sync or Copy - Backblaze versioning?


I'm new to rclone and planning to use it with Backblaze to backup.

I'm not clear about versioning with encrypted backups.
I'd like to retain deleted files on backblaze for say 3 months. I'm assuming I'd use the copy command. Though how would 'pruning' the files stored on backblaze work? I read that backblaze can't version encrypted backups.

(I'm aware I could use borgbackup + rclone - though want to have a 'simple' set up if that's possible).


hello and welcome to the forum,

if you are going to use a crypt, then B2 versioning will not work, so you need to use --backup-dir

i use that for forever forward incremental backups.

for example,
sync "b:\data remote:data/current --backup-dir=remote:data/archive/20210319
i have a script to add the current date to the archive subfolder.

then i have a lifecycle rule delete files older than x days

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