Sync only specific DropBox folder contents

Hello. I am trying to use rclone(v1.53.1) to sync pictures from a specific folder in DropBox to a raspberry pi on a picture frame. When I give the command:

rclone sync picturecloud: /home/pi/Pictures/

I get every file in every folder I have in my DropBox account, transferred to my /home/pi/Pictures directory instead of the pictures in my picturecloud folder in DropBox.

My question is how do I specify the proper "source" directory to sync with on Drop box to only get the contents of the picturecloud folder synced to the raspberry pi?

Sorry I'm new to rcloud but ....

Something like this

rclone sync picturecloud:path/to/directory /home/pi/Pictures/

Thank you for the answer it really helped! now I have a second issue with my sync.
If I execute the following from the command line it syncs fine.
sudo bash rclone sync photocloud:/picturecloud /home/pi/Pictures
If I place this same line in a file I get the following:
Failed to create file system for "photocloud:/picturecloud": didn't find section in config file

This is the only line in the file so I really don't know what to think.
Thanks in advance

If you run as sudo, you are changing to the root user so you'd either have to pass in the proper user's config file that you created earlier or make a new config file or remove sudo.

I know these are rookie mistake(noob here) but here is the code with the sudo removed from the rclone sync line:
if pidof -o %PPID -x ""; then
exit 1
rclone sync photocloud:/picturecloud /home/pi/Pictures

kill pgrep -n ""

    sudo bash  /home/pi/

And here is the error I receive and remember it works fine from the command line:
Failed to create file system for "photocloud:/picturecloud": didn't find section in config file
Also having trouble with the kill line but that's another story.
Thanks in advance!!!!

You still have sudo there though so it's going to run as root.

You can put three backtics before and after a script


it'll code it like this so it's readable

Thanks Animos!
The line that is giving the error is :
rclone sync photocloud:/picturecloud /home/pi/Pictures
it gives the error:
Failed to create file system for "photocloud:/picturecloud": didn't find section in config file
when it is run in a script but not from the command line.
The sudo bash /home/pi/ runs fine.
Again I will keep trying!


The rclone configuration is per user so you’d have to run them all as the same user.

Just pick one user and test it all out.

You can also point to a config file with an option as well if you to share between users.

If you ran rclone config as the standard pi user then the config file is probably in /home/pi/.config/rclone/rclone.conf (or very possibly in /home/pi/.rclone.conf).

When you run rclone under root (eg via sudo, or via a script called via sudo) then it will be looking for /root/.config/rclone/rclone.conf or /root/.rclone.conf).

You can find the real path with rclone config file

You can fix this my making the command you're running specify the path. e.g.

rclone --config /home/pi/.config/rclone/rclone.conf sync photocloud:/picturecloud /home/pi/Pictures

Replace the path to the actual path to the configuration file.

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