Sync on VPS, download and upload

Hello guys. I'm trying to move a lot of tb on my Gdrive, I'm doing server side copy and copying 750gb per day, but it's taking a long time, I'm thinking of making on a vps, synchronizing, downloading and uploading, but when I try with the sync command, it try to copy via server side copy, but as I already have the maximum quota, It can't copied.

Does anyone know a way to do this synchronization by downloading and uploading it and also using server side copy?

You're still going to only get 750G a day though.

Searching, I noticed that it is possible to circumvent these 750gb copying using another account. You know how to do?

How much data are you trying to move? and i'm sure someone else will chime in on the use of service accounts.

60tb...I'm doing the server side mode a weeks ago and I didn't even copy half

Yes it will take about 80-90 days.

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