Sync not sync folder's timestamp

rclone sync , the destination's folder timestamp shows the new created time, not the time from resource.
Anyway to fix it or a switch to match the source time

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rclone does not set modtime for folders.

thanks for your information.

it may have to use robocopy to resync the time. Rclone missing mtime feature is annoying

i never use rclone for local to local, as it lacks many basic features.
and prefer not to be to dependent on one copy tool.

i use fastcopy, as that allows for checksum verification, robocopy does not

it is not local to local, but map to local drive to simulate the.
I just played around with fastcopy, it seems does not help for sync the file from local to the remote.

fastcopy works fine on map drives, smb, samba.

at this point, we have concluded there is no rclone bug.
if you need further assistance, start a new topic using the help and support template, answer all the questions.

Tried to use different way to remedy the problem.
I use robocopy with switch /MIR and /DCOPY:T , it seems fixed the issue, the mapped drive's folder timestamp all synced with the source.
but when I unmount the remote drive and re-mount account, the folder timestamp goes back ..Don't know the reason the time written is not persistent

sorry, i have no experience using rclone on local.

as per the link i shared, rclone does not support modtime for folders.
perhaps someone else knows different.

might try creating a smb remote, check the docs.

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