Sync not deleting on acd

Hi there, I’m trying to sync a local folder to ACD (encrypted) but it doesn’t seem to be deleting empty folders in ACD. I removed the content locally (both files and folders) and when I did a sync it did delete all the files but seems to have left all the folders. when doing a check or sync it doesn’t seem to detect the deltas

just an update I did use the rmdirs command on one of the subfolders as a test and it seems to have cleaned up the empty folders. would the recommendation be to schedule a rmdirs command to keep the alignment? thinking to remove the need of human requirement to self audit the folders as when I do a check it doesn’t specifically call out the delta folders

rclone doesn’t do that yet - see

I see you’ve found the rmdirs command which is good.

The pieces are gradually coming together to fix #100 :slight_smile: