Sync my Drives with Rclone

How to sync my both C and D Drives with OneDrive Business using Rclone ?


need to create a remote for onedrive, let's call it onedrive:

and run a sync command, for example
rclone sync --dry-run -v c:\ onedrive:c
rclone sync --dry-run -v d:\ onedrive:d

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I have created the remote folder.
Now I want to sync my c and d drives in onedrive in Rclone/c or d folders ?

fwiw, trying to use rclone to backup an entire windows computer, might not be a good idea.
but if that is what you want, i shared some example commands in my last post.

Like why not isn't Rclone capable of backing up the full pc ?

rclone is really just a file copier.
if that is the way you want to backup a full pc, i shared a few example commands.

The lines that you gave I have executed those. So I dont know whether it is backing up or not as because this is scolling very fast I managed and took a screenshot. But issues here -

  1. I dont know whether it is syncing or not ?
  2. I want to upload it to onedrive in a folder Rclone\C Drive or D Drive. How to do that ?
  3. As you can see in the screenshot it is skipping maximum files. So how to increase the file syncing size ?
  4. Also I have mounted the OneDrive folder as a drive also.
  1. use a rclone log file. for exampe, --log-level=DEBUG --log-file=c:\path\to\log.txt
    really hard to read tiny screenshots, please copy/past text into the forum.

keep in mind, when using --dry-run for testing, rclone does not copy files, just shows what it would do.
so skipped copy as --dry-run is set. that means rclone would sync that file, if you remove --dry-run

  1. rclone sync --dry-run -v c:\ "onedrive:Rclone/C Drive"

  2. i do not see that. rclone seems to want to copy every file in that screenshot, so that looks good.

Some files are showing can't follow symlink


if you want rclone to follow symlinks, then need to use
-L, --copy-links Follow symlinks and copy the pointed to item

if you want rclone to preserve the link itself and not follow, then need to use
-l, --links Translate symlinks to/from regular files with a '.rclonelink' extension

--- would not use --copy-links and just ignore the log entries.
--- might use --links. depends on your goal.

Any command example

I have made it to run during startup using .bat and .VBS file. But how do I know whether my sync is happening or not. Please help

use a log file..

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