Sync just like pCloud Drive?

PCloud Drive shows all files that are in the cloud, but does not download them all to the computer.
In other words, if I have 1TB in the cloud, I won't need to have 1TB of HD in my notebook.
In Pcloud I define 2GB of cache for the files I access.

I'm migrating to MS onedrive, but I don't want to let the files from the cloud take up my space in HD.

Can anyone enlighten me, does RClone do this?

Thank you!

hello and welcome to the forum.

rclone will not use hard drive space to copy files from one remote to another remote.

for each file to be transferred, rclone will

  1. download a chunk from pcloud to RAM.
  2. upload that chunk to onedrive.
  3. if more chunks need to be transferred, goto 1

so this will work
rclone move pcloud: onedrive:

Friend, thanks for the reply.
But I want to know if using RClone will occupy my local hard drive.
So I mentioned pCloud, because it works like this. Without taking up my local hard drive.

But by his explanation, I believe that I need not worry, because he mounts a drive, that is, if I have 1TB in the cloud, I don't need to have the same space on my HD. Right?


why not try it for yourself and you will see

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