Sync Issues Google, Dropbox, Unraid 6.6.5 FROM Win 1809

I’m running rclone on Windows 10 Pro 1809, via batch files to SYNC files from a local directory to numerous sources.

What are the best practices and arguments for sending out file sync’s IN SEQUENCE? For Example:

Source: Win 10 Pro 1809, local:path/to/dir
Destination 1. Unraid 6.6.5 Array local:path/to/dir
Destination 2. Google Drive
Destination 3. Dropbox

I’m not sure why, but for the past two days, my Unraid box has crashed shortly after using it as an endpoint.

This is a major problem because within my Unraid box, I have a large amount of Dockers & self-hosted VM’s with vital networking components (IE: pihole DNS, enforced redirect utilizing NAT translation). Planning on moving one instance to a separate Host, most likely Raspberry Pi, to add some redundancy.

Anyways, I’m wondering – what are the best arguments to use for local sync’s, vs Google, vs Dropbox? At the moment, this is the syntax I’ve been using:

rclone --log-level INFO --log-file “C:\Program Files\rclone\logs\ahk.log” --exclude .history/** sync autohotkey: unraid:autohotkey
" " sync autohotkey: dropbox:
" " sync autohotkey: google:

The Unraid sync completes successfully, and then it moves onto Google:. I have no clue why my Unraid would then crash, several minutes later:

2018/11/09 22:11:29 INFO : REDACTED : Copied (new)
^ Last line in the log.

Note: Google & Dropbox are NOT mounted endpoints on my Unraid box. They’re direct connections from my Win10 workstation to Google & Dropbox.


That probably looks fine to me. You could try increasing --transfers but that often isn’t helpful on local disks.

rclone will do a lot of IO very quickly and if the box is at all unstable that will be when it crashes.

Ahh. Typically, my unraid box runs for weeks on end with no issue. Is there a way to reduce the speed of throughput? something along those lines.

--bwlimit can reduce the throughput.