Sync HDD with Goolge drive

Hi guys! I am using Rclone on my Raspberry PI 3 B+ over the command line(no gui).
I want to sync my media files between the HDD connected to my Raspberry and my Cloud Storage from Google. It should sync the newest files I add to my Grive automatically to my HDD connected with the Raspberry. The setup with API keys etc. worked fine but where are the files located and how to I set up a sync between the services? I am pretty new to all of this so any help would be appreciated!


  1. Get a directory on my Pi so I can see the files on my Gdrive
  2. Sync to Raspberry HDD when new files are added or check every day or so
  3. Not sure how to find the path to my Gfiles

Assuming you do want the files on your raspberry pi directly, then you want to use rclone sync for this. You can set it in the crontab and run it once a day.

You’ll need to run it manually to see new files, or make the crontab run more often.

However you might be better off using an rclone mount if you don’t actually want a copy of the files on the raspberry pi. This will also show new files very quickly (after 1 minute by default).

Set up rclone with drive then use rclone lsf drive: to see the files and directories in the root.

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