Sync folders with same files but different names

I want o sync the folder A with 3000 itens to folder B with 1500 items.

Folder B has the same files as folder A but different filenames. Is there a way to make rclone sync only the files missing by comparing with hash or something?

I am sure there is probably a much easier way...
Could you not do an rclone md5sum on the local Folder A and Folder B, pipe outputs to a file.
Combine in something like excel and use the remove duplicates command.. so the files you are left with are the ones to copy.. and then copy those?

That is essentially what rclone sync with --track-renames does. If you did that from A to B then it would rename any files in B to be the same as A. It would also delete any files on B not found on A which might not be what you want.

If you are using crypt then it won't have checksums which means this won't work.

Using rclone lsf -R --hash MD5 -Fhp --csv remote: will get you a CSV of hash and file path

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