Sync files into folders that exist, do not create new folders

Basically I want to sync files into folders but if a folder doesn't exist then skip that folder and all files in it. Is this possible with rclone?

If you use 'sync', it makes source look like destination.

You'd have to be more specific in what you want to happen and provide an example.

I think you might be looking for rclone copy but an example of what you want to achieve would really help :slight_smile:

Ok so its a bit complicated.

So I have Radarr with loads of crap on 1 remote which I want to filter out.

I would setup a new instance of Radarr and use Mediarr to pull most of the stuff back over but skip stuff with low IMDB ratings. I would make new Radarr create empty folders for each item its adds but not search and download.

At this point I have a bunch of empty folders on a 2nd remote with the same name as a bunch of items from the 1st remote.

Then I want to sync files only and not the folders xD if that makes sense? Its probably a far cry to be honest.

I actually came up with another idea of exporting the folder names to a text file and then using them in rclone filters or something.

I think that would work. You could use an --exclude-from with this sort of thing

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