Sync files across 2 GoogleAccounts

I want to move files between 2 Google Drive accounts, without google myme type conversion.
This is possible???
rclone copy --drive-format-original GoogleDrive1: GoogleDrive2:
the file.gsheet won’t be converted to xls…

If you use google drive, I think you can just share file from one account to the other.

But is Google businness accounts.
Enterprise A buys Enterprise B
And WANT to move all files to her Google suit…
Sharing doesnt work well when you WANT to shutdown the primary account!

As far as I know there isn’t a native format for google docs/sheets so rclone can’t download it. The only way to copy them between accounts will be to either download as ods (say) then upload and convert back to a doc, or some kind of sharing between the accounts.

If I remember rightly you can copy shared docs into your account which might solve your problem.

It is true that a single file may be copied, but it is not possible to do this with a directory and multiple files all at once.