Sync don't work correctly

Very uncomfortable with a large number of files.

Yes, and the listing of files does not explain my reason

filters work on the source, not the dest.

as per the log file, rclone did exclude from the sync
2021/05/30 19:03:51 DEBUG : leaderboardsconfig.txt: Excluded
2021/05/30 19:03:51 DEBUG : leaderboardsconfig.txt: Excluded

So I do not understand correctly synchronization:
If I copied initially without a filter, then I added some values to the filter, then these values will not be deleted?


if you exclude a file from the source, then rclone will not try to sync it to the dest.

And in what cases is mirror synchronization possible?

rclone does not do mirror sync
one workaround is to use rclone mounts and a local tool that can mirror sync

tho @jwink3101 might want to comment on that.

I get error

rclone mount gdrive: /root/gdrive

Thought for a very long time, but disk did mount

how do you know that the disk did not mount?

i cannot see into your computer screen so post a debug log

No no
disk was mounted

I already understood, it is mounted temporarily, and I thought that forever

Happy to try to help. But I am also not exactly sure what you mean by "mirror sync". I think of "mirror" as one-way (which rclone does). rclone does not (yet) do two-way sync.

That means that rclone will make the first remote look like the second but not the other way around. If you modify a file on the second, it could get overwritten by the first depending on flags and settings.

rclone only does this for now but there is PR 5164 where bi-directional sync is implemented based on rclonesync-v2.

rclonesync-v2 is a Python tool that wraps rclone and does bi-directional syncing. There is nothing wrong with it per se, but bi-directional syncing is way more opinionated than one-way. (See the aforementioned PR for a discussion about this). I preferred things done my way (both in behavior details and the underlying algorithm) so I wrote my own syncrclone. Actually, that was the third bi-directional sync tool I wrote. I also wrote PyFiSync which can support rclone remote only. The latter is better if you can run Python and rsync (not rclone) on the remote since PyFiSync goes out of its way to track moves with modification and takes advantage of rsync's ability to sync minor differences within files. syncrclone is better for rclone. (The first sync tool I wrote is long deprecated that it's barely worth mentioning).

So if you want bi-directional sync, check out either syncrclone or rclonesync-v2. Or wait to see if it makes it into rclone (in which case, I may move to it or stick with my tool since I prefer it). And if you want more detail and discussion, check out the PR

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That is correct but if you want that behavior, there is the --delete-excluded flag

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Exactly what is needed. Somehow looked at this key :slight_smile:

Is it possible to mount it forever, and not temporarily?

diamonds are forever, rclone mount is not :wink:

if you want to have a rclone mount work at boot, that is possible.
if you want to use cron, you can search the forum for that.
if you want to use systemd, there is

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I'm not Pro in Linux. How would you advise to make from the proposed so that I could contact him at any time using rsync?

Hmmm ... Don't understood

me too?

what, exactly, do you need help with?

In general, added through CRON :slight_smile:

for cron, the internet is full of examples.

here at the forum, for rclone, you can search, for example,

Automating rclone (crontab, etc) - #2 by Fatco1a

Issue with rclone running from cron - #27 by jiru

and best to search to the forum for cron and find post like

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