Sync between two remote with different tpslimit

need to sync two remote, both webdav with requets limit, but the limit is different.
one has strict limit of about 0.3 request per sec (in average), the other is very loose.

if i set --tpslimit, the value is set for both remotes, is that corrent?
if so, then have to set a very low (i.e. 0.3) tpslimit, for long term running.
how to set different tpslimit for these two remote?

Yes, that is correct.

The --tpslimit is a non-backend flag, and cannot be set per remote.

This typically isn’t an issue because the sync cannot progress faster than the slowest backend. It is a bit like a man with a dog on leash, they will not be able to move faster than the slowest.

There may be exceptions in your situation, but then we need to see all the information in the support template such as your specific command, config, etc.

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One important thing to note is that --tpslimit sets the limit for rclone, so the allowed requests are shared between the two remotes in a sync.

You can compare it with steps per second for a man his child. If the child can do max 1 step per second, then man and child together can safely have a --tpslimit of 1,5 steps per second, if the man takes one step each time the child takes two.

You may therefore be able to use --tpslimit=0.6, assuming that both your webdav remotes will need approximately the same number of requests to perform the sync.

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my practice is to mount the two remotes individually, via rclone, and with different tpslimit value. then sync between these two mount point.
it will make things a little more complicated, but more precise on the same time.
thx for your help.

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That’s indeed a good work around for remotes with very different backends.

I do however find it an slight understatement to call an 200% increase in complexity “a bit” - that may make things quite complicated if there are any errors.

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