Sync between two Google Drive impersonated users in domain


I have proper setup with service account, and i can list Drive files of every user in the domain.

I want to migrate with copy, or sync command between two accounts and when trying to do that i’m only getting message: Nothing to do as source and destination are the same

There is command I’m trying to use, what should I change there?

 rclone -v sync --drive-impersonate remotename: --drive-impersonate remotename:

Alas, this isn’t possible at the moment as the flag will apply to all drive backends.

I have a plan to fix this but that involves a lot of work to integrate the command line and the config file configuration.

It would be easy to make a work-around adding a drive_impersonate field into the config file - would that help? You’d have to make a different remote: for each user. Or you could set the config item using an environment variable.