Sync between two crypt gdrive remotes


I have configured two Google Drive remotes and both have crypt remotes (with different passwords).

I want to sync a directory from a crypt remote to other, the problem is that it create the directory in local with remote name (no crypt).

rclone listremotes


rclone sync -vvv GDrive-Crypt:/test_sync GDBackup-Crypt:/test_sync

2019/12/05 00:22:23 DEBUG : rclone: Version "v1.50.1" starting with parameters ["rclone" "sync" "-vvv" "GDrive-Crypt:/test_sync" "GDBackup-Crypt:/test_sync"]
2019/12/05 00:22:23 DEBUG : Using config file from "/root/.config/rclone/rclone.conf"
2019/12/05 00:22:24 INFO : Encrypted drive 'GDBackup-Crypt:/test_sync': Waiting for checks to finish
2019/12/05 00:22:24 INFO : Encrypted drive 'GDBackup-Crypt:/test_sync': Waiting for transfers to finish
2019/12/05 00:22:25 INFO : test1: Copied (new)
2019/12/05 00:22:25 INFO : test2: Copied (new)
2019/12/05 00:22:25 INFO : Waiting for deletions to finish
2019/12/05 00:22:25 INFO :
Transferred: 18.456k / 18.456 kBytes, 100%, 52.161 kBytes/s, ETA 0s
Errors: 0
Checks: 0 / 0, -
Transferred: 2 / 2, 100%
Elapsed time: 300ms

2019/12/05 00:22:25 DEBUG : 10 go routines active
2019/12/05 00:22:25 DEBUG : rclone: Version "v1.50.1" finishing with parameters ["rclone" "sync" "-vvv" "GDrive-Crypt:/test_sync" "GDBackup-Crypt:/test_sync"]

ls -lh

total 20K
drwxr-xr-x 3 root root 4,0K dic 5 00:22 GDBackup

rclone ls GDrive-Crypt:/test_sync

18792 test2
   11 test1

I don't want to get the files in local, is there any way to sync both folders without copy it in local?

Thanks for your help.


There should no problem in piping files directly from one remote to another with no storage in the middle... so something unusual is happening here I guess. I just can't see anything obviously wrong in your command.

Where do the files appear on local? in the same folder as rclone.exe ?

We may need to see your rclone.conf file to check that the configuration is correct.
Can you post this for us please?
Just be aware that the config file contains some sensitive data. Please redact things such as clientID, client-secret, token and any crypt-keys. That should cover the important stuff and is not relevant to what we want to see anyway.

PS: If you used the same crypt key you could server-side sync these drives without using your own bandwidth for the job (by syncing GDrive: with GDBackup after enabling --drive-server-side-across-configs). This might be something to consider if the data is large or your bandwidth is limited.

Later on after we have some planned improvements to the crypt format this should be possible to do even with different crypt keys (but no time-frame available on this yet).

Oh - and welcome to the forum! :smiley:

rclone will download then upload the data with the command you've written - is that what you don't want?

If so they you'll need to do something like this

rclone sync --dry-run GDrive: GDBackup: --drive-server-side-across-configs

However this assumes

  • both crypt use the same passwords
  • the GDBackup: user can read files from the GDrive:

If you can do it like that then you should be able to back up the drives without downloading the data and re-uploading it.

Thanks for the replies.

Both crypt password must be different. I want to to syn both crypt drives downloading from remote1 and uploading to remote2, but I don't want to get a local of copy of all data. I understand that all the data must go throw my server, but I don't want to copy nothing in local.

I do it with 2 NFS shares using rsync.

Kind regards.

Doing it with different crypts is not a problem. You will just not be able to take advantage of server-side transfers.

Nothing should get saved locally unless you are uploading via a mount with --vfs-cache-mode writes, in which case files wil lget temporarily stored there. This should just be avoided by uploading directly to the remote instead of via the mount (as this will not pass though the cache at all and not have any need for local writes to achieve compatibility as a mount does).

If you are still getting files saved locally anyway then something else is wrong - and it would help if you described where exactly these files are being created locally.

What does this actually mean in terms of working with 2 crypt Google Drive ?
I'm guessing I should give some user some access, but exactly how? Does this mean I need to share entire Team Folder to the Google user ?

For example, I'm trying to backup 2 crypt of Google Drive accounts into another crypt of Google Drive Team Drive. A total 3 different accounts which I own.
For the sources, one is a crypt of Team Drive, one is a crypt of normal Drive folder. For the Destination, it is a crypt of Team Drive in different domain name. Since I own all these 3 accounts I can set any access permission I like (I'm the domain owner of all 3). All 3 were setup in rclone + crypt with the same passwords.
But How exactly so that I can do this in rclone copy or rclone sync commands so that I use Server-Side Copy ?

I think that woud probably do it. However if you aren't going to server side copy you don't need to. Try it first and if you get mysterious 404 errors (don't ask me why they aren't permissions errors - I don't know!) then you'll need to add more permissions.

Make sure

  • the crypts all use the same passwords
  • you use --drive-server-side-across-configs

And try the copy.

If you get 404 errors then share the source with the destination user. That should work hopefully :crossed_fingers: