Sync and check problems on onedrive

i used rclone to sync some files to the ondrive. but after it over,when i try to sync one more time, some files of them will be upload again. i am sure that i have not changed the any files. when sync over, if i go to website of ondrive,i can check all files are there, and even i can download and get same md5 hash of them between the local files .but when i sync again or use check,some of them need to be upload.
i have try some times, and every times ,the files that need to be upload again are the same files.
because i use the sync and check on google drive too,it is seems like some problems of onedrive?

If this was a google drive I'd say it was a duplicate file issue (fixed with dedupe) which is not too uncommon to happen. However, I don't think Onedrive can have duplicate filenames unlike Gdrive...

The other thing that could potentially cause issues is that Onedrive is case-insensitive. Rclone automatically converts filenames with uppercase into unicode to bridge this gap and preserve case, but if anything goes wrong it that process then it could potentially not be read back as the exact same filename. I think I read a report about someone else experiencing something similar - so in this case it could indicate a bug in the Onedrive backend.

Could you note the filenames of the problem-files? (or share them if they are not sensitive in nature) See if there is some common pattern between them. Do they all have mixed case? Do they have any non-alphabetical special characters in common?

Run with -vv and rclone will tell you why it is uploading the files.

It is probably a time problem of some kind.

i taked a test that sync/check files with
1 only english
2 english and []
3 japanese and chinese chracters
4 ()
5 japanese characters and*
in filenames, only 5 have problems,need to sync everytimes,it seems that special characters likes * ~ cant be used in onedrive, File not in One drive root '....../2019/01'
.....* File not in Local file system at \?\F:......\2019\01,
local can read it but ondrive cant,
thank you suggestions

No they can't yet as these are used to escape * ~.

This will be fixed by

There is a beta you can try here (uploaded in 15-30 mins)

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