Sync after clone

Hi all after a bit of help here so here is my situation :slight_smile: i have around 80tb of data im trying to move to google drive so to help speed this up i have created a team drive with multiple users and used the clone command to upload everything (great so far 3tb a day uploading)

now i have separate folders for my content so when i have finished uploading the contents of 1 folder ive then moved it from the team drive to a normal drive to get past the x amout of files issue on a team drive.

my next issue however is im on windows server 2012 and im downloading daily and also converting files from mkv to mp4 that i already have so looking in my cloned files and folders ive now got the original mkv and the mp4 for a lot of the files :frowning:

what i want to be able to do now is convert my script to the sync to keep up with whats added and the changes that are happening on each folder etc

when i last ran the sync rclone was checking and deleting what was in the cloud reverting me back to square 1 and why i used the clone feature instead

has anyone got a solution to this to stop it deleting everything in the cloud apart from the mkvs that are now mp4 and left over please

You probably want to use rclone copy not rclone sync. copy won’t delete stuff.