Sync acd encrypted to gdrive encrypted

I’ve been reading the forums and it appears I need to be careful so I do get a 24 hour ban on gdrive. What is the best way to copy all my encrypted data from acd (encrypted) to gdrive (encrypted)? What is the syntax folks are using? Currently everything is hosted on acd and I don’t have anything yet on gdrive.

Here is what I have created in rclone.

encrypt crypt ###encrypt for acd
gdrive drive ### Google Drive
gdrive-crypt crypt ###encrypt for gdrive
remote amazon cloud drive ### acd

You shouldn’t get a ban when copying from ACD to Google. People are getting bans when using Plex and scanning media files too often. I’ve copied over 8TB at once and had no problems.

Copying to Gdrive is not an issue, I copied 40TB of data from ACD to Gdrive (crypt to non-crypt) without a ban. It’s when you update your library using Plex that causes a ban.

This is the command I used:

rclone sync -v acdcrypt: gdrive: --transfers=20 --checkers=20 --log-file=acd2gdrive.log

It took just over 242 hours using a $10 DigitalOcean machine.

How are folks keeping their acd and gdrive in sync? Are you just running this command every hour moving forward?