Symlink - error when copying


I have run into a error message I need help to analyze.

I run rclone, latest version, on a Synology NAS to Jottacloud

My command is a simple copy job

rclone copy FROM TO --LOG

Error message:

Movie/Kids/@eaDir/Kids.mkv/ Can't follow symlink without -L/--copy-links

The @eaDir i dont understand, I suppose it is some internal way set SYN because on my jottaclod ROOOT i have a directory called @eaDir

Result is that no file is copied to destination directory.

My question is what is happening, is rclone reading content of *.mkv file and is the "L--copy-links" switch the best way to handle this?

Br M

Hi Modesty,

I have a Synology too and it is my understanding that the @eaDir folders contains extended attributes that can be ignored when copying/syncing (in most situations).

I suggest you confirm this by googling for “synology eadir” and then run a command something like this:

rclone copy FROM TO --LOG --exclude="**/@eaDir/**"

Please verify correct functioning with --dry-run first.

By the way, did we solve this issue:

Hei @Ole

It is not solved, i'm little bit out of time these days.

The Duplicate issue is not solved, but original tread is updated today.


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