Support Windows Cloud Files Api and Placeholder files

Hello, what about possibility to utilize https docs microsoft com/en-us/windows/win32/cfapi/cloud-files-api-portal in rclone?

I mean on-demand hydration and placeholder population on windows host for protocols that support etag (i m personally interested in WebDAV). It would be great synchronization optimization.

I sure this topic isn't new but i cant found anything related here and at GitHub.

Thanks for great utility!!!

hello and welcome to the forum,

that does look interesting.

  • problem one is that rclone is written in golang and ms api is c/c++
  • problem two is rclone is cross-platform, linux, android, windows, bsd, macosx.
  • problem three is that on windows, rclone uses winfsp.
  1. Yep, I sure go/c interoperability would be tricky , but still possible
  2. and 3. It does not make sense for rclone mount as it already have desired caching abilities and on demand downloading. But sync mode would use cloud api to optimize downloading of huge remote.

Anyway I realize now that there is no significant advantage against mount mode and it does not fit for sync mode because I sure cloud provider should be running when user request hydration.

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