Support segment-container options in Rclone Swift

In OpenStack Swift client, there is a --segment-container option. When uploading large file to Swift, all the segments would upload to the specified segment instead of the default container. Is it possible to implement this feature in Rclone?

By default rclone will upload the segments to container_name + “_segments” which is the convention used by the swift tool among others.

This would be relatively straight forward. I suggest you open an issue on github about it.

Even better send a pull request :slight_smile:

I am getting containers created with the name of the sync folder underscore segments (folder_segments). The segments folder has some of the uploaded data, but the proper container has the filename with zero bytes. Would someone kindly let me know what I am doing wrong?

Any help would be appreciated.

Those containers are used to put the segments of large file uploads. This is how rclone works with swift and large files.


OK, so those are supposed to stay the way, or are they supposed to assemble into the proper place once uploaded?

The chunks files need to stay in the segment container, but when you read the big file from the normal container it actually reads the chunks from the segment container.

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Thank you very much!