Support Permanent delete in OneDrive/Sharepoint

Trying to see how feasible this would be able to be integrated.

OneDrive for Business counts deleted items against the user account quota.

After migrating my offsite backup to OneDrive, I now have to manually login to the account and empty the recycle bin from time to time, as uploading a replacement new backup revision will result in the old file being moved to recycle bin as rclone will delete the file before uploading the new one. This behavior is consistent even when no_versions is set to true.

Adding a new flag similar to no_versions where we use this API instead of the regular delete item method:

After this, we just need to update the documentation to recommend the flag if there's no need to send to recycle bin.

If my understanding of Microsoft is correct, this only impacts Business and Sharepoint accounts and not personal accounts as they do not count recycle bin against their quota.

Let me know your comments. I opened the same in GitHub Support Permanent delete in OneDrive/Sharepoint · Issue #7812 · rclone/rclone · GitHub In case somebody with time and understanding feels like helping out with this.

Thanks as always!


Hey @ncw wonder if implementing this would be too much trouble? I'm more than happy to test anything, but can't help in the coding department.

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Glad to hear about this possibility.
If you're looking for test members, feel free to contact me.

I'm a heavy user for sharepoint and business with rclone and would be happy to see this implemented.

FYI check github issue, Nick has implemented the feature and is working as expected.