Support making shortcuts between two mounts on googledrive?

I would like to be able to make shortcuts to files between two different drive mount points via rclone. In our case, we have one team drive with all of our "physical content" and then we use a different team drive to re-organize that content (re-indexed, essentially). We use separate drives for our re-indexing mostly to circumvent Google's limitation of 400,000 files per team drive.

Currently, the arguments of rclone backend shortcut don't allow specifying a second mount:

rclone backend shortcut teamdrive1: path/to/src path/to/dest

What I think I need is something where we can specify mount point for both src and dest, like so:

rclone backend shortcut teamdrive1:path/to/src teamdrive2:path/to/dest

Note that I have figured out a sloppy workaround for the time being, via the follow these steps:

  1. make a shortcut on teamdrive1: to a subfolder on teamdrive2: using the Web UI
  2. build shortcuts on teamdrive2 using that temp folder shortcut.
  3. remove temp folder shortcut

The file shortcuts created in this way persist after the folder shortcut is removed.

You should be able to do this with

rclone backend shortcut drive: source_item -o target=drive2: destination_shortcut

See the docs here

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