Support for uploading file using presigned url

I would like to upload a file using a presigned URL, similar to the reverse process of the "copyurl" operation. is there possibility of extending it to support this feature?

Could you explain in more details how it would work? What does it mean to upload file to URL?

What is exactly problem you are trying to solve here?

What backend are you using?

If you are talking about S3 it would be easy to make an rclone backend command to generate pre-signed URLs.

The opposite of copyurl would be fairly easy to write too. copyurl copies from a url to a remote. The opposite would copy from a remote to a URL. This would need to be a PUT or POST operation. Perhaps puturl...

Presigned URLs for both S3 and GCP are generated externally to rclone. Introducing a "puturl" function to copy data from a remote location to a designated URL would bring substantial benefits. This approach would allow for short-term access to perform actions, eliminating the need to depend solely on credentials.

Additionally, including the capability for the rclone backend to generate presigned URLs would provide an excellent solution for granting temporary access to private objects.

Not too hard if you want to have a go.

Or maybe if you are working on behalf of a company you might be interested in taking out a support contract and I could do this work as part of it.

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