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Protonmail is starting to open up their drive beta program to more of their users (Life-time accounts, Visionary plan, Mail + VPN Plus subscribers at the time of posting. This would be an interesting backend for rclone to support in the future. Due to other commitments I don't have time in the immediate future to work on implementing this and I'm not even sure that Protonmail provides an API for their drive yet. But I thought I'd already open this issue for discussion.

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best to ask proton if there is or every will be a api.

Yeah, I sent them an email with rclone listed as an example use-case. I'll report back if they respond.

good, let us know their answer.

i read that proton was adding some kind of storage service.
given the many established storage providers, i cannot find a single use case for protondrive.

proton is trying to be a google clone. offering email, calendar, storage, vpn and so on.
i use protonmail but was not impressed with protonvpn.

Well so far their competitive advantage over google drive and others is the end to end encryption. Of course if you just use rclone, you can use the crypt backend and then google won't have much more information other than your file size, or even remove that by splitting your files up with the chunker. The idea behind protonmail's offerings is that they never have access to any of your data and support this natively. So the specific use-case for rclone would be someone that wants to share their files with others, does not have their own NAS and does not want the provider to have access to those sensitive documents. Personally I only use their email offering so far.

me too, i only use their email offering.

Okay, they have responded that they are not planning it at the moment but might consider it in the future. Unfortunately this pretty much kills Proton Drive for me, as rclone support is a must have.

yes, rclone is a must have.

did you know you donate to the author?

I'm not sure what you are saying. Are you asking if I know that I can donate to the author, or whether I donated or not? Anyways I have not donated money so far as I am still a student. However, I have donated a few afternoons of time implementing a feature (different strategies for track-renames).

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thanks for working on the source code.

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