Support for IMAP protocol

I've been looking around the forum and found this post suggesting support for the IMAP protocol much like offlineimap or isync/mbsync.
The OP didn't reply and the post was closed.
I think the benefits rclone could provide as opposed to using the existing tools, are that it could be ran in the background and sync as changes happen in the server's mailbox or local copy, since today you have to call it every time you want to sync, so present solutions are either a cronjob that executes within time intervals or using another tool like imapnotify which requires you to rewrite your mail credentials in a different config and also configure your mail client(s) to use at as you change something.

rclone does not work that way.
in the end, rclone would have to do what imapnotify already does.

True, but imapnotify only monitors changes on the server and can be set to trigger imap syncing, rclone seems to check both server and local when syncing with other forms of remote storage.
The thread points out that rclone doesn't support mailboxes, would it be exceedingly out of scope to support it?

I'm pretty doubtful as rclone is a cloud storage tool overall so mailboxes seem way out of scope to me. There are plenty of tools out there that do IMAP / mailbox stuff so bolting it onto rclone feels unlikely / not needed.

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