Support for backend

I would like to ask to support as backend.
This is a service similar to Premiumize. They have an api that allows access to your personal files, My Files, in write and read access.
To any interested developer I can provide an invite code to open an account.
I m also eager to make a donation to support your skills and valued time.

There is an issue about this here Support storage provider · Issue #3883 · rclone/rclone · GitHub - I suggest you :+1: the initial post to show your support.

Hi. Thanks for replying.
Yes I know abut it because I opened it more than two years ago but since nobody really cared about it I tried to write in the forum.
Hope to be more lucky. :slight_smile:

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Seems like there is little interest as the backend 'wants' are quite high and require someone to support them.

so what can I do in this case? apart from taking a course of Golang that unfortunately I dont have the time for

Apart from learning GO, you can find someone to develop it / support or I'd assume you can pay someone if you can't find someone for free. Depends on how badly you'd want it and how much someone wants to do it.

I'm not a programmer either so not much else I'd say. The backend list is huge for the one off backends.

You can also find another backend that's available and use that.

as I said in the first post I m eager to make a reasonable donation to any developer up for the task.
Any interested developer pls contact me by email at

If you are still on the lookout for some help I would be glad to help you out, as what you are wanting done is well within my area of expertise.
You can reach me on
Cheers and Have a great day ahead,

Sent you an email.

My request of support is still open

hi, i contacted furk and never heard back.....

yes, lately their replies to the emails/ticket is very slow or even zero.
Do you have an account with them? What do you need? Maybe I can help you with it?

based on their non-response and lack to technical detail on their website, i have lost interest in furk.
and not willing to give them a credit card, as they do not support paypal.

whenever there is a request for a new provider, i always check their website, as they often support ftp/webdav/etc...

i asked for a free, limited account for testing purposes, they never replied.

as you prefer but if you need an invite code for opening an account I can help you with that. They dont have SFTP/WebDav. A couple of years ago they said they were planning to add it but they never did it

just curious, why use them at all, what unique features do they provide?

I have a lifetime account with them since more than 10 years. It is something like premiumize. You feed them with a torrent and they cache it for you and put it in your personal storage. They also have a search function (called Download proxy) where you can search for torrent directly there. If they are cached they are alredy available for download or streaming, otherwise with one click you add them to a queue and they will be cached in a short time, depending on the seeders of course. There is no limit in your storage, but there is a limit in the downlad/streaming bandwith, for me 250Gb/month. They have the possibility to add rss feeds for automatic file adding. There are addons in Kodi that use it. But for me it could be useful to have access to my storage (called My Files) in a mount and eventually mount it in plex. At the moment I have a py script that downloads these files locally, but I would prefer not to store them and use them from the cloud. Some people believe that Furk is going to die soon but they are saying it since a few years already and it is still there and fully working.

good luck with that.

fwiw, i rent a cheap seedbox for torrents.
and i rent a cheap vm from hetzner for emby.

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