Support All TeamDrives of Google Drive

I mean literally when adding Support Google Drive support in rclone why ncw had thought to implement, 1 REMOTE 1 TEAMDRIVE. Man it sucks. There are bunch of issues regarding it. What had made him think 1 TEAMDRIVE 1 REMOTE is best idea to support teamdrive? Literally, literally every Google Drive software and app / 3rd party google drive clients support Multiple Teamdrives either for google drive copy/sync move or mounting. Examples - MountainDuck, netdrive, webdrive, Airexplorer, FileZilla Pro,kodi add-on, stremio add-on, mixplorer, X-plore, ,expandrive, cloudmounter, raidrive , SolidExplorer, gd-share, airlivedrive, Google File Stream, nPlayer,sharelist
Only few ( I guess 3-4) softwares (but all are gui software, none is like rclone and linux user need a cli tool)mentioned here are fully supported in Linux, please think about them. There are people who have/added to hundreds of TeamDrive either for academics, business, media server movies contents/Plex.
I don't think its hard to add support for multiple teamdrives when those 17-20 softwares already natively support teamdrives. Either they treat TeamDrive as Folders

  • Main Drive
    -Shared With Me

Or a separate remote for all all teamdrives where all teamdrives I am added to are folders or Teamdrive like Root Drive and both root Drive and teamdrive inside Google Drive remote that is the structure is-- 1. My Drive 2. Teamdrive1 3. Teamdrive3...

TEAMDRIVES not as remote but all teamdrives as folders
Treat teamdrives like folder

I made a little helper for this which isn't exactly what you want but it might help...

If you have rclone 1.57 then run rclone backend -o config drive: YOURREMOTENAME:

This will output a config file selection which will configure all your team drives and individual remotes. You can then put this on the end of your config file.

[My Drive]
type = alias
remote = drive,team_drive=0ABCDEF-01234567890,root_folder_id=:

[Test Drive]
type = alias
remote = drive,team_drive=0ABCDEFabcdefghijkl,root_folder_id=:

See the docs here Google drive

There is an issue for this somewhere :slight_smile:

Hey Dude
This feature request made me laugh like a thousand horses
Prove your motivation, man
Come here now
Write and test the patch now
Buddy, If you don't have guts for it, all the thrill of this post SUCKS

Actually a request for this is open for a year and it has zero thumbs up.
I guess I remember two relevant tickets approaching the target from two different sides
They didn't get much attention from users. There may be more.


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