Suitability to backing up server on RPi3

I run an Ubuntu server on a Raspberry Pi3. I have a mail server running on the Pi box, and have been looking for a way to back up the mail config files, and mailboxes. There are only a few (less than five) mail accounts, so the data size is not going to be huge.

Is RClone going to be a suitable for backing up the data on a regular basis using a cron job?

If you are backing up to a cloud storage provider, it should be a good fit.

Restic plays nice with rclone as well. Lots of options.

Yes, the plan is to backup to cloud storage (which I have yet to decide). And thanks for the pointer to Restic. I think that and RClone will do what I want.


I've been using Rclone and Duplicacy since last year. Very satisfied with both.

In GitHub repo description there is an interesting table comparing backup tools.

I use Rclone for sets of files that do not require deduplication, nor need to be splitted into chunks (basically media files) and Duplicacy for the rest.

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