Suggestion: Separate crypt and non crypt remotes

It's hard to keep track which is which if a user has alot of crypt + non-crypt remotes and do a listremotes command

Crypt remotes

Non-crypt remotes


Crypt remotes                          Non-crypt remotes
cryptremote1                           remote1
cryptremote2                           remote1

Maybe listremotes should take an optional type flag so

rclone listremotes --type crypt
rclone listremotes --type crypt

maybe it could take any type? I have 100+ various remotes. I would not mind to be able to list all my onedrive ones as well.

It is achievable today by a bit of sed and awk but if you are thinking about adding new --type flag I would suggest to make it more flexible than crypt only.

Yes that is what I meant.

I was also thinking about adding a search so you could type rclone listremotes s3 and see all the remotes with s3 or S3 in their names.

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