Suggestion: rclone copy/move -v should include original command used in the status

It would be nice to have the original command used to be shown on the status for rclone copy -v status.

I’m using rclone copy and move a lot in ‘screen’ sessions and the typical status is like below:

                                                                                                                              2018/09/30 05:32:31 INFO  :                                             Transferred:       10.523G / 663.878 GBytes, 2%, 137.241 kBytes/s, ETA 1386h37m40s                                                              Errors:                 0                                               Checks:                17 / 17, 100%                                    Transferred:           17 / 1218, 1%

Elapsed time: 22h20m3s
Transferring: * …s01e08.WEB-DL.720p.Rus.Eng.AlexFilm.mkv: 15% /890.833M, 193.265k/s, 1h6m50s

It would be nice to add on above status the original command that is being used so that we know that the running command is the correct one we want.
I’m managing my servers via Termux only on a small phone scree so I bound to make typo. And I did, I just found out that I moved lots of stuff to the wrong folders or wrong remote end point due to typo.
This could easily avoided if ‘-v’ flag status include the command being used.

Instead of using -v you might like to use -P or --progress which will keep a static block on the screen showing transfers and will mean the command line will be visible too. What do you think of that?

You can use an old version, or use -P
I use -P all the time and o love it.

Thank you! I didn’t know -P flag!

It is new in 1.44 :smiley:

Im using -P in rclone 1.43