Suggestion on --progress option

This the an example of what I get on one of my transfers:

As I understand transferred is a mere:

Since-I-was-last-run-I-have-transferred-this / out-of-the-total-outstanding-then

In my option we should have a new line above Transferred, something that documents the total on the cloud / total on the local disk. So, let's call it "Total":

Total: 2Tib / 12Tib
Transferred: 46.774 Gib / 10.747 TiB .....

Good idea?

The reason that number changes is the max back log parameter.

      --max-backlog int                      Maximum number of objects in sync or check backlog (default 10000)

If you want to 'total' number, set it to something crazy high but it has to do all that first and it's uses resources (cpu / memory / etc ) so that's why it doesn't total it up from the get go.

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