Sudden Slow Download from Google Drive?

I’ve just noticed this recently. If I try to download anything from google drive, it will spike up to 500 Mbps immediately for a second or so, and then drop down to about 10 - 20 Mbps and not rise above that for the rest of the transfer. This has never really been an issue before. If I try to download the same file through the Drive web interface it holds steady at full speed the entire time. Upload speeds are normal and don’t seem to be affected. I’ve tried on mac and windows, using 1.38 through the latest beta with the same results. Has anyone noticed this? It’s just a normal copy transfer.

use --drive-chunk-size=128M

I’m seeing the same thing with --drive-chunk-size=256M, however, going back to 1.37 works great. Windows 10 (x64). I stumbled across it via a mounted drive.

This might be the v2 api vs the v3 api in this thread

In which case you can try B4dM4n’s patch and see if that make an improvement

I’ve been having problems again with this. --drive-chunk-size worked great for a while, but now I can’t seem to break 10 Mbps on any downloads, when I’ve always been able to do 700 Mbps+. I’ve tried 1.37 through 1.42 and every version is the same. Occasionally it will burst up to to 400 Mbps for 10 seconds and then drop back down to 10 Mbps.

I have no such issues going directly through the Drive web interface.

Hmm, can you work out which endpoint the drive interface uses (use browser debugger) and rclone (use -vv --dump headers) then you could try tracerouting to see if they take different network paths.

Came here to say the same thing. I am not just having the issue with rclone either, I started with plexdrive which randomly had the issue but it only got slightly better with rclone. I thought it was a local comcast issue but I have been seeing more and more reports about odd slowness.