Sudden cuota exceed while playing a movie [GDrive]

After 20 days with no problems, i was playing a movie with plex and gdrive. When i had watch about 50min suddenly it stopped (2gb movie) , i checked up the server in my computer, and I had reading permission issues (but permissions are ok, it has been working for 20days with no issues), i forced umount , and tried to mount again.
Result: endpoint is not connected
I went to my gdrive web interface, and tried downloading a file, and as i Expected, Cuota Exceed, so i suppose im banned for 24h
But I didnt scan any library , i was just playing a movie.
Pretty strange to me

If you go to and click on Google Drive API, you’ll get a graph that shows you your request/sec. You’ll get banned if you start exceeding 1000/100 seconds.

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