Stuck at naming my "New Config"

I I was going to set my new config like the dashboard said. Unfortunately,I typed a name same as I set on Terminal, so the GUI told me "the name is already assigned or empty".

So,I changed config's name, one after another, whatever I named, the GUI still goes like that.

I just get stuck and cant set new remote config. Now I delete my one drive on Terminal.

My version is V1.51.0, amd 64

Mac Os. Catalina 64bit

One Drive

You need to address a few things as there are some error messages in there.

For the first screen shot, you need to pick one of the options in there and either you authentication or turn it off. It lists the latter. If you want a user and password set, you can see the options here:

Next, we need to figure out what you called your remotes in the config process.

Just run:

rclone listremotes

and share the output.

Let's get the CLI working before going to the WebGUI.


I have read that instruction carefully, but I still dont know how to turn that off or set a user&password, could you please show me the code I should input? Or other way will also be OK.

I'm just a rookie, I know my question may be a little stupid though, hope you can help me . :blush:

Can we validate the CLI and the commands are working before we move to the GUI?

Just run:

rclone listremotes

and share the output.

it showed nothing :sweat_smile:

截屏2020-04-22 21.42.49

You need to run through rclone config and create the remote.

OK, I delete my remote when I get stuck .

Let me try again. Appreciate your patience :slightly_smiling_face:

截屏2020-04-22 21.49.33

Here is the result

Can you see files in there or is it empty?

You can run something like:

rclone ls LSOutlook:

and validate it works.


You need to enter in exactly what I am typing as you missed the ":" at the end.

rclone ls LSOutlook:

The remotes are referenced by using the name: in them.

now it shows the files, what next to do ?

I think your goal was to run the WebGUI so you can start it up:

it shows the same problem ,and we seem turn back to the beginning.

So Do U know how to make "--rc-no-auth" in use?

Add it to the end of your command line before you start it.

Still cant make it. Everytime I opened the "config", there is the red warning ,but I even didn't input anything.

ps: I'm gonna sleep, just leave messages for me which will be ok, I will check them tomorrow.THX!

When you type:

rclone version

What do you see?

When I run your first part, I can see:

textere@seraphim ~ % rclone rcd --rc-web-gui -vv
2020/04/22 14:00:33 DEBUG : rclone: Version "v1.51.0" starting with parameters ["rclone" "rcd" "--rc-web-gui" "-vv"]
2020/04/22 14:00:33 NOTICE: Web GUI exists. Update skipped.
2020/04/22 14:00:33 INFO  : No username specified. Using default username: gui
2020/04/22 14:00:33 INFO  : No password specified. Using random password: tQ5e79nuRj3UWryv01ysZg
2020/04/22 14:00:33 NOTICE: Serving Web GUI
2020/04/22 14:00:33 NOTICE: Serving remote control on

That looks like it is working.

I use RcloneTray now, it seems more convenient, anyway, Thank You! :blush:

All the best.