Struggling to setup Dropbox app (API)

Sadly, no magic there as your file name is too long and you need to shorten it.

Did you find a sweet spot for your *arr renaming scheme ? :sweat_smile:


Naming Dropbox files and folders | Dropbox Help

I meant your sonarr renaming scheme, if you're OK to share it


I follow some of the stuff here -> Recommended naming scheme - TRaSH Guides (

But those names are too long for my taste as I don't care about some of the details they have, but generally gives a good idea and why.

OK, well I had complex naming scheme, but I'll go back to something simple :slight_smile:
Thanks you.

Also, as GDrive, Dropbox require plex autoscan, right ?

I didn’t use it for either.

Then are you just running full scan via the Scheduled Plex Tasks ?

EDIT : I'm trying something - I might have done something wrong

Well, as I said this is working, but it looks like that I always have to renew my token

Failed to create file system for "dbuploadcrypt:": failed to make remote "dbupload:/Chiffrement" to wrap: get current account failed: Post "": couldn't fetch token - maybe it has expired? - refresh with "rclone config reconnect dbupload:": oauth2: cannot fetch token: 400 Bad Request
Response: {"error": "invalid_grant", "error_description": "refresh token is invalid or revoked"}

Perhaps I did something wrong,

I use Sonarr/Radarr connected with Plex to trigger scans when they add things.

Possibly. You'd have to share all your steps / screenshots of what you did as I can't see your screen.

But is a partial scan (as autoscan) ?

It's working for now, I'll see if I managed to solve the problem or not :slight_smile:

I really don't care what type of scan it is. I just let the system do its thing.

Well, it was kind of a problem on GDrive (because of the API limitation).

On Dropbox, do you know the app limits in terms of API calls :slight_smile: ?
Yesterday, I had 56 500 API calls on my first app and 25 000 on the second.

There's no API limitation in Google that impacts that.


I think I've been 24 hours API banned on my GDrive a year ago, because I tried to scan my library from scratch.

Then, if it's unlimited, why are you using 2 apps on Dropbox? Perhaps we misunderstood each other :smile:.

You don't get banned on Google. You hit a download quota more related to your setup than anything else.

Any provider may have unlimited API hits but every provider has rate limiting. I use two apps so I can spread the load between them.

Hmm, OK, right, I'm downloading series on scan in order to detect and skip the intros.

So by that, you mean that on a month for example, there is no real limitation on Dropbox, but we must not exceed X calls by seconds ?

Yes, that's correct.

There isn't an exact post on the rate limiting generally from any provider as they don't share specifics other than they have a rate limiting policy and avoid it.

Generally, folks feel that 12 TPS per second for dropbox per app seems to be a sweet spot.

All right, thanks you! :slight_smile:
Is 12 tps better than GDrive? :thinking:

I don't use Google Drive so I really don't know.

Rate limits are per provider and not really a 'better' thing than another.