Struggling to schedule an RClone job


You didn’t get banned per se. You may have hit an upload limit of 750GB per day. You’d just have it wait and see when it allows you to upload again as the times seem to vary.

There is a 24 hour ban if you hit too many calls for downloading and usually 403 errors in the logs for rate limiting.


Thanks, I think I may have hit both. I was getting 403 errors in the log and the multiple uploads to Gdrive would have tipped me over 750gig.

I’ve seen people mention monitoring the api usage on the google admin page, however I can’t seem to find where this might be. Would you happen to know where I should be looking?


403s are not necessarily going to get you banned as there is more to it. You’ll usually see something like download limit exceeded or something along those lines. is the API console for GDrive if you are using your own API key.

You can see errors and rates.

You can see I had some 403s but those are normal as they were just retries/some spamming of creates that all eventually leveled out and finished successfully.


Thanks, unfortunately I am getting the ‘download limit exceeded’ message when attempting to download anything from the Gdrive web page, so I’m definitely disabled for now. :frowning:

With regard to using your own API key, how does one go about doing that? Is it as simple as activating it in the admin console, or do I need to instruct Rclone to use my API key?


Scroll down in the docs and it shows how to create a key:


Well you can find them with pgrep -a rclone and kill them all with pkill rclone. You could probably script this, but it won’t happen again hopefully!