stream time limit issue on Uptobox


I contact you today because I created an Uptobox share with Rclone, it works well overall however I have only one problem

my problem is that as soon as I launch a video from my Uptobox from an ip address other than my home after 1 hour the stream is cut, I know that Uptobox has a limit for free users at the streaming level and blocks at the end one hour but I wanted to know if it was possible to remove this limit please?


offtoptic,but are they really unlimited?

yes it's unlimited but the platform is only available in France, then sometimes they can delete files by copyright but it's very rare but the problem is that if you watch a movie from another ip address and you are not connected to the premium account this will block you at the limit of free users hence my problem in the topic

This is Uptobox not rclone limitation.

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