Storing movies on Google Drive with rclone crypt

How can I get comfortable that uploading videos to google drive even with crypt will not result in fines from content holders or that my crypted files will become readable in future ?

It seems everyone is totally chill with uploading 50tb (unencrypted) libraries without a single care in the orld. *Am I missing something here that everyone else knows or is comfortable with ?

Sure, the encryption i use now can't be broken but what if it can be in 10 years and google still has my data because lets face it google doesn't delete anything

Am i being paranoid ? Am i a fool ?

That's really a you question :slight_smile:

Everyone makes their own decisions on what they do with their content but I wouldn't assume that everyone is running a pirate ship either.

Not at all. If you are storing questionable data, I'd always assume at some point someone can see it so best not do that.

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Everything is a compromise. And who knows what will be in 10 years. But for now and the short-term future, I think you're safe with the encryption. If you have anything that important and/or someone wants your data that much, there are likely easier ways to get it.

If you have super, super sensitive data and a determined adversary, then you probably need to look for additional layers of security

Animosity022 gave a bunch of good answers, and while I'd defer to him, I thought I'd chime in and give my own two cents.
It really is just a game of how confident and comfortable you are with it. I know google's pretty good with maintaining user privacy (I know they've done shitty things in the past, what tech company hasn't) but from my own personal experiences and from other people, they don't really care what you're storing so long as it's not shared publicly.
If you're putting the stuff up in an unencrypted folder, and just passing out the link to it like Halloween candy, then I'd be worried.
I'm storing over 5tb in an encrypted mount, and I feel totally safe. A few friends of mine have access to the folder and I've given them the encryption keys (I know, not a very safe practice, but I trust them and they only have access to certain folders within google).

Look into google's TOS and privacy policy regarding what data they have access to. Odds are that you'll fly under the radar and they won't give a s*** about what you're doing as long as you're not causing them legal troubles.

Obviously, if you don't feel comfortable with it, don't do it.

TL;DR: Don't make "noise". Lay low, store your data, and odds are you'll be fine.


Thank you for your detailed response. At this stage I’m just looking at storing movies and tv shows and streaming to Plex.

I guess I was always amazed reading about people who store XX TB’s and totally chill about it

I can say you i am betwen 500 and 1000 TB (yes TB) and still no Problems. I am User for round about 2-3 years and still at the old gsuite Plan.

I see in apk pureflix also supports storing the movies you downloaded

I think almost everyone reading this thread with 50tb of files on google drive has chosen to encrypt them...

So I'm not sure why you think that people are doing it without encrypting them?

But the files on google drive which are encrypted can appear unencrypted locally on your machine... that's part of the entire point of rclone.

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