Stores rclone files localy with one drive?

I want to mount my one drive on my Linux server for backup with restic

My question is if all the files in my cloud and/or I add in this mount are stored localy or not? Would be nice to have thoose files only in cloud and not lokaly on my storage at home.

Are you going to run rclone/restic on the server itself? That is what I would do.

Can you explain more please? I didn't understand the question.

After some investigation I found that restic supports rclone so my question is obsolete.

But I can't create a config for Microsoft one drive. On mac it throws an error after login and on my server I don't have an gui where I can open a web browser. And Microsoft changed the way of creating an application to get the secrets I need.

And is it possible to create the rclone config on device A and use it on B?

Yes rclone + restic is a very powerful combo! I use it for general purpose backups, whereas I use rclone on its own for backing up media (photos, videos etc).

If you can't get it to work then post what happens.

Absolutely. Use rclone config file to find out where the config file lives.

2019/09/18 09:07:47 Failed to configure token: failed to get token: Post dial tcp connect: host is down

This was the error massage after login in to one drive. The line bevor was something like waiting for key and then got key..and then the error message

The message indicates it is some sort of networking problem, maybe a firewall?

Can you ping the IP on the error message?

I can't. But I tested with an online ping tool to and there it can't ping the ip too

That IP address is correct as far as I can see.

It must be a local routing or firewalling problem.

Try this on the server. It should output a load of HTML.


When I test this ip with online tools like
I get 100% packet loss

It doesn't respond to pings. Try the curl command I sent.

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