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I am a new rclone and google storage user. I am pretty happy with what rclone does and am hoping it will stay around for a long time. Using google storage is way easier that way. My request concerns querying the occupied storage of a directory or of the whole thing. Something like du or df commands. I read the documentation, but it is very possible that I overlooked stuff as I cannot get my head around some of the stuff. So can I query a file, directory or the remote itself for used space remotely?

So, unfortunately google drive does not provide this information. Which is weird as the web interface does (per file). Thanks for the pointer, I will eventually get the hang of finding what I am looking for without disturbing you guys ..... :slight_smile:

rclone size gdrive01:test/file.ext
Total objects: 1 (1)
Total size: 1 B (1 Byte)

rclone size gdrive01:test
Total objects: 2 (2)
Total size: 69 B (69 Byte)

rclone size gdrive01:
Total objects: 33 (33)
Total size: 505.678 MiB (530241535 Byte)

Thanks for the example..! It appears the docs pointed to communicates the wrong thing at first glance. you have to press the link to find what is really meant (just google drive docs, not google drive). Thank you!

Some backends do not always provide file sizes, see for example Google Photos and Google Drive. Rclone will then show a notice in the log indicating how many such files were encountered, and count them in as empty files in the output of the size command.

i submitted a pull request to change the documentation.
can you take a look, let me know what you think?

I think this works like a charm!

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