Stats explanation ( from log )

Not really sure what those stats mean eg something is wrong with math :slight_smile:
( 26 GB transferred with that sped ? )
2016/10/28 14:51:03
Transferred: 26.397 GBytes (1.831 MBytes/s)
Errors: 0
Checks: 16
Transferred: 0
Elapsed time: 4h6m2.3s

Iam not sure whats Amazon is doing but from EU iam getting awful upload performance during the day, during night in may peak to 30 to 40MB max and Iam on 1GB optics and can easily upload 500MB+ to torrents ( then my disk can really handle it )

That is saying you transferred 26GB over a period of 4 hours 6 minutes which does indeed work out at an average of 1.8 MBytes/s. Note that is MBytes/s so that translates to maybe 18 Mbit/s.

Remember rclone always reports in bytes/s - your 1 Gbit line can do 119 MiB/s max.

I would suspect the problem is congestion or shaping in your ISP. Lots of ISPs shape traffic at various times of day.

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Thanks for explanation.