--stats 10s something is off

I was testing stats to see with what speed files are being processed on my crypt mount but well check out the video.
Made 2 minutes recording showing rclone stats vs vnstat for whole network card + nethogs for rclone process.
The network download reaches 500Mbit while rclone still sticks with 7MB

Very interesting. I see what is going on.

The data chain looks like this

remote -> async buffer -> accounting -> mount

So that means that the async buffer is before the accounting step.

It should really be the other way round I think.

remote  -> accounting -> async buffer -> mount

This means that the transfer that fills the buffer up isn’t being accounted for so doesn’t appear in the stats, and bwlimit won’t be working on it…

This is mostly cosmetic but it does mean that bwlimit and big buffers will be wrong.

Can you make an issue about it please?

I’m not going to fix it for 1.36 as I’m trying not to make any more major changes before I make the release, but I’ll fix it soon after I’ve made the release.

PS You have a very fast Internet connection!

Thinking about this some more, the async buffer needs to be first so it does large reads from the remote for efficiency…

This means combining the accounting and async buffer probably