Stablebit Drivepool and rclone compatability

Looking for help from anyone familiar with these two programs. I have pooled a few of my hard drives using Stablebit Drivepool and duplicated my most important folders. I now want to back up my files to Google Drive using rclone in case of a disaster.

My question is: Should I tell Rclone to upload from my pooled drive, or should I upload the hidden PoolPart files on each drive? I have been trying to upload from the pooled drive, but it seems rclone can never detect correctly how many files it still needs to transfer. See here:

Note that rclone only ever gets 10,000 files ahead by default so it doesn’t use too much memory. If you want it to get more files ahead then set

  --max-backlog int           Maximum number of objects in sync or check backlog. (default 10000)
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I didn’t know about this feature. Thanks! Love the software.

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